UZURV for Seniors

As 2017 quickly approaches, there’s no denying that the Baby Boomer generationis aging and maturing into their golden years. With many Generation X’ers (born 1960’s-1980’s) still raising children of their own, they have now taken on the role and responsibility of caring for the generations they are sandwiched between.


While this is no small task, one of the major concerns that arises is the issue of transportation. An increasing number of older adults are no longer driving themselves due to health issues and age, regulating themselves by not driving after dusk, avoiding the highway and busy areas. With decreasing response times and coordination skills of senior citizens, safety is a top priority at UZURV for those who are dependent on alternative methods of transportation.


The aging population still needs to be mobile and independent. Between doctor appointments, social events, family gatherings and recreational activities, a question still remains: when you need to provide reliable transportation to aging relatives – where do you turn?


This is just one of the questions that Aging2.0 hopes to solve by bringing together a network of innovators and ideas. That’s where we come in.


As a recent winner in Richmond, Virginia’s Aging2.0 Global Start-Up search, UZURV pitched a solution to the issue of transportation and safety of elderly citizens. By using UZURV’s reservation service, caregivers and family members have the ability to order on-demand transportation with any smart phone. Our app provides a complete list of driver profiles and vehicle information so you can choose your driver based on your specific transportation needs. Further peace of mind is provided as caregivers can communicate with the driver ahead of time to discuss future special needs and accommodations (i.e. wheelchairs, large trunk space, etc.).


Your loved one gains a personal driver, one that often results in a wonderful relationship between rider and driver. Trust, reliability and consistency are three things you should never have to give up. With UZURV, it’s all about the people.


Here are just a few examples of our UZURV client profiles:


  1.     Ms. Joan – 83 years old, lives in an assisted living facility, but loves to go to church daily. While the facility van is not always accessible, she now has a way to get to her favorite place.
  2.     Ms. Jeanine – in her 70’s and needs dialysis 3x a week. Her daughter works full-time, but now has a means of transportation to get her safely to her doctor appointments.
  3.     Dr. Fredrick – in his late 80’s and enjoys going out-and-about, most recently to attend a wedding reception for his neighbors to wish them well!


Longevity is increasing – and it’s important that we make accommodations to ensure the older generations don’t feel left behind. UZURV plays an important role in the growth of technology that makes inclusion possible for aging friends and family members.


UZURV can enhance the older generation’s experience with on-demand transportation by making it personalized to their specific needs. By improving the ability to stay independent longer, our goal is to continue to help all generations stay active and safe!