What Happens If My Driver Doesn’t Show Up?


You’ve made your reservation. The time has come. And… your driver is a no show!?

What do you do?

Your experience using our app is important to us. That’s why we strongly encourage rideshare drivers to be on time – and even early – for their reservations. Unfortunately,  sometimes things happen- like traffic and flat tires. If you arrive on time at your reservation pickup location and your driver is not there, the first thing you should do is use the chat feature in the UZURV app to see if your driver is on their way.

We ask that you give your driver (who may be driving at the time), 5-10 minutes to respond.  

If your driver doesn’t respond, click on your reservation and hit “No Show”. You will not be charged for the reservation. From there, you can make another reservation and chat the new chosen driver to see if they are available right away. You could also just launch your preferred TNC app (Uber or Lyft) and see if there is another car nearby.

What happens to the driver?

We hold drivers who use our app to very high standards. If a driver is reported as a no show, he/she will be charged the service fee rate that existed at the time the reservation was made, plus an additional no show fee of $5. He/she will also be suspended from using the UZURV system until a review by UZURV Operations is conducted.

What happens if my driver cancels my reservation?

It’s important to us that drivers who use our system build trust with riders. After all, it’s all about getting repeat business and choosing a driver who suits your needs. For this reason, we urge all drivers to keep their reservations and only cancel if it’s absolutely necessary. If your driver cancels, your reservation will be moved to the reservation feed for other drivers to express interest so that you can get a replacement ASAP.

If a driver cancels…

  • More than seven hours before the scheduled pickup time, the driver will be charged the service fee rate that existed at the time the reservation was made.
  • Less than seven hours before the pickup time, he/she will be charged the service fee plus a cancellation fee of $5.
  • He/she may be temporarily suspended from using the system and contacted by UZURV’s Operations Team for more information.

If a driver cancels three reservations in one month, they will be suspended from using the app for one month’s time.

Again, we hold the drivers who use our platform to very high standards in order to ensure our users have excellent experiences. We hope this never happens to you, but if it does, please know that our Customer Support team is always willing to rectify the situation for you. For any further questions regarding no-shows, please reach out to support@uzurv.com, and a Customer Service representative will be happy to assist you.