Driver Reaches 200+ Lifetime Referrals

One of the fastest, most efficient ways to see UZURV grow in your market is through referring riders to the platform. By spreading awareness of the ability to now reserve your driver in advance, passengers are informed on how to schedule a reservation in advance. Passing out your driver referral code, displaying UZURV in/on your vehicle and creating conversation about how a rider can select you as their driver again are all great ways to promote your business with UZURV.


For Florida driver, David Lowell, this has been a virtually effortless task. Lowell recently surpassed 200+ Rider Referrals since the launch of the app in April 2016. Sparking tremendous growth in his market and building reliability in his personal driving schedule, we spoke with him to hear about how Lowell achieved this accomplishment in such a short amount of time.


He first heard of UZURV through our co-founder and VP of Operations, Harold Frans. Lowell instantly saw the need for this service after he repeatedly was asked by passengers how to request him again as their driver.


With UZURV’s Favorite Driver feature, drivers can be pre-selected and chosen for reservations that they express interest in. By telling every passenger he meets about UZURV, Lowell’s advice to new Uber and Lyft drivers is to let the passenger decide for themselves. Presenting the information is the best way to find out if riders are interested in this new enhancement to the on-demand industry.


When asked what UZURV does for his schedule and income, Lowell replied:

“It gives me the opportunity to increase my earnings combined [with] a better lifestyle. Less time waiting for a ping, and peace of mind knowing future earnings. [I am] better able to make personal plans knowing my schedule in advance.”


Thank you, David, for your hard work and dedication to spreading the word about UZURV. We are grateful to hear that, “every UZURV-action is the best!”

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