How Event Planners Can Encourage Safe Rides Home With UZURV

Planning a major event and want to give attendees transportation options? Why not promote UZURV? Reserving a safe ride to and from an event is always better than waiting for a taxi or hoping there’s a rideshare driver in the area.

Value Prop to Attendees

Making a UZURvation is a great option for attendees because:  

  • They can have peace of mind that they will arrive on time by scheduling a ride ahead of time.
  • They can choose their driver and filter for special amenities like phone chargers, child seats, bike racks, etc.
  • They can ensure they have a ride home when they need it.
  • They have the ability to communicate with the driver prior to the ride.

UZURV is a great way to entice people who live in nearby cities that may be reluctant to attend because of the drive. It’s also a great way to enhance the event experience by showing them a hassle free option for safe transportation.

In our minds, it’s a win-win for everyone!

How to Promote UZURV

Excited about UZURV but unsure how to promote it? We’ve got you covered! Download our UZURV for Event Planners guide complete with ready to use copy for your marketing materials and social media channels.

Uzurv for Event Planners