7 Must Reads to Be Successful With UZURV


Welcome to UZURV! If you are a rideshare driver, UZURV is the perfect app to help you build a business of steady clients on top of your regular rideshare trips. So, how do you make the most of UZURV and get all the answers you need? Here are the 7 must read resources for new drivers.

1. Our website

The driver section of our website (uzurv.com/driver) is a good first place to start. There you will find a description of our app and its features as well as FAQs and other resources.

2. YouTube Driver channel

The UZURV Driver YouTube channel is a great place to find tutorial videos, driver news, and learn more about other UZURV users.

3. GONZO – The UZURV Guy

GONZO is a member of our operations team and has his own Facebook page where he does Facebook Live Q&A sessions. Make sure you “Like” his page and “Follow” him for tips and updates.

4. The UZURV Podcast  

Listen (while you drive) to how the most successful drivers have done it on the Uzurv Podcast!

5. Join the National Facebook group

UZURV FOR DRIVERS is a space for drivers nationwide to congregate and talk all things UZURV. We are here to answer your questions and we’d love to hear your success stories as well! The group page also has a helpful FAQ section to check out before diving in and asking questions to the group.

6. Cancel & No Show Policy

In the event that you need to cancel a trip or you don’t show up for a trip, check out our Cancel & No Show Policy. It’s important to know our policies before you start using the app.

7. Our Top Tips to “Get the Ping”

A potential issue that both riders and drivers face is the pairing process when requesting a ride with a TNC (such as Uber or Lyft). Congested areas, peak times and connection problems are possible. Make sure you read 8 Tips to Master the Pinging Process. Implementing these simple steps to connect the rider and driver will help ensure you are syncing with the correct person.

Check out these 7 great resources and you’ll be up to speed as a rideshare driver using the UZURV platform. See you in the Facebook Group!