Reserving Rides for Family and Friends


Did you know that UZURV can be used to reserve rides for family members and friends?  

Let’s say you’re planning something special for a friend and want to include transportation to and from the event. You can use UZURV to make a reservation! If your elderly parent needs transportation to and from an appointment – UZURV can get them there! If you can’t pick a family member up from the airport? UZURV to the rescue! People have even used it to get safe rides home for wedding guests!

How it works

First, find out if the person in need of transportation has a smartphone and an Uber or Lyft account. If they have both, the reservation is easy peasy. Once you’ve chosen the driver and entered in the reservation details, you’ll need to message your driver to let them know they will be picking up someone other than you. Give them the name of the person they will be picking up. You should also let your friend/family member know the name of the driver and the car they will be driving.

Once the driver arrives, that person will just need to launch their Uber or Lyft account (whichever you chose when you made the reservation), and make the request for a ride from there.

What if the person who needs transportation doesn’t have a smartphone?

No problem! For passengers who don’t have a smartphone, you’ll need to message the driver to let them know who the ride is for. Tell them that you won’t be present but that you will be making the request from elsewhere. You’ll need to be ready with your Uber or Lyft app (which ever you chose when making the reservation) to ping the driver at the time of arrival from wherever you are.

When the reservation day/time arrives, message the driver to coordinate. You’ll need to open up your Uber or Lyft app, enter in the pickup and drop off location, and launch the app. The driver, who is already there, will be pinged.

Making reservations with a trusted driver is easy when you use UZURV!