UZURV Partnership Provides Transportation for Special Needs Citizens


On August 1, 2017, in partnership with Greater Richmond Transit Company, UZURV began operating the Care-On-Demand program to serve transportation needs of citizens who are physically or mentally disabled.

Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, municipalities are required to offer transportation options to those who have physical or mental disabilities. Municipalities across the country struggle to meet the demand.   By tapping into the vast TNC resource to fill in the gaps UZURV is helping Richmond its neighbor, Henrico County, bring Smart Transportation options to those who need it the most

“We know this partnership with GRTC Transit System will help us find solutions to make this pilot paratransit service work here in RVA and set the precedent for other transit agencies across the country. UZURV knows the need for an on-demand travel reservation system.” – UZURV Founder Matt Donlon

The program is available exclusively for individuals who are eligible under the American Disabilities Act. GRTC anticipates the current demand to be around 250 rides per day.

Here at UZURV we are all hands on deck! We’ve trained the highest rated rideshare drivers to be certified to drive under the Americans with Disabilities Act. And we have partnered with Regional Para-transit suppliers to provide specialty service for non-ambulatory riders. We’ve also built a great team to manage Special Transportation.


Meet Travis 

Travis Snellings is our Director of Special Transportation. Travis has been involved in the Special Transportation Industry (ADA Compliant Transportation as well as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) for over thirteen years. Prior to joining UZURV he was General Manager at Van Go, Inc. in Richmond. He also served the company as Safety Manager, Driver Trainer, and Training Manager.



Meet Shawnee Shawnee-Stein

Shawnee Stein is our Logistics Coordinator and Manager of our Call Center.  Shawnee has been in the transportation business for 27 years. She started as an owner operator in the trucking industry, dispatched for an HVAC Company in Las Vegas, and for the last 7 years she worked for a Para-transit company here in Richmond as a driver, dispatcher and a receptionist.

How the Program Works

The CARE On-Demand program is for people who are unable to access public transportation because of a physical or mental disability and meet the requirements set by the ADA program. It gives them the option to make reservations for private transportation with a co-pay. Now they can call the UZURV call center, make a ride reservation, request specific amenities or special accommodations, and be picked up on time with curb-to-curb and even door-to-door service.

“It’s a game changer,” says Roderyck Bullock, a current CARE user. “As far as I’m concerned, they’ve hit it out of the park with this program.”

It’s a smart, safe solution and we are proud to have been chosen to provide this service. For more on the CARE On-Demand Program, check out GRTC’s website. If you’re a municipality looking for more information on how UZURV can provide a paratransit solution in your city, download our brochure, and give us a call!

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