UZURV Partners with UnBoundRVA for Local Event


UZURV is partnering with UnBoundRVA, a nonprofit located in Richmond, VA for one of their annual events in June. We spoke with Megan Murray, UnBoundRVA’s Program Advancement Director, about her experiences with UZURV and what UnBoundRVA does for the local community.


Their history includes a passion for “focusing on empowering individuals from low-income backgrounds through the opportunity to own their own business and transform their lives. We’ve now grown and evolved to bring 20 hopeful entrepreneurs together for the goal of launching five new businesses each year.”


In planning their upcoming event, the venue they selected has minimal parking and knew this may be a difficulty for guests. Partnering with UZURV allows UnBoundRVA to offer, “an alternative way to get to or from our event, without having to worry about parking or finding a ride. Instead, they can have a [reserved] ride that can take them to or from the venue!”



Megan has witnessed UZURV’s benefits firsthand, using our reservation service a handful of times when scheduling drivers for early morning trips to the airport.


“I did not want to risk a longer wait time for fear I would miss my flight! Being able to schedule a reliable [driver] for a concrete pick-up time allowed smooth planning for an early morning. It was one less thing I had to worry about and provided a sense of security that I would 100% have a ride to my destination at that time.”


One of her favorite features of UZURV is the ability to view driver profiles, and select the one that fits her individual needs.


“UZURV is extremely helpful! I was able to view drivers and see reviews about their dependability and willingness to drive in non-typical hours, like early mornings, which only increased my confidence that I would have a ride when I needed it!”


Thank you again Megan, for sharing your UZURVation experiences with us. We are looking forward to helping your event in June! We wish much success to you and your future entrepreneurs.


Are you having an event? Let UZURV help reserve the driver you need for your guests and attendees.