Know Your Driver

While the concept of on-demand transportation is nothing new, the idea of being driven by another person that you may not know can be a bit worrying to some. Although transportation services such as taxicabs and buses have been around for generations, some riders using platforms like Uber or Lyft feel that they have new factors that cause some apprehension.


One of the largest issues with riders using TNC’s (Transportation Network Companies) is that they felt there was no control in determining who their driver was ahead of time. It seemed as if there was not an overarching “company” to monitor its staff, due to the fact that drivers for Uber and Lyft are using their own vehicles and working on a convenience-based schedule of their own.


Many of our customers at UZURV felt the same way – until they had the option to screen and select their driver when making a reservation. Here are a few of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from our clients before utilizing our service:


  •       Stranger Hazard: Preferred having someone they knew ahead of time
  •      Driving Abilities/Knowledge of the Area: Wanted to be able to view a profile/bio of a driver to gain an understanding of what amenities were offered and their background
  •      Time Crunch: Desired the reliability and consistency of having a driver where and when they needed them


According to Matthew Feeney, a policy analyst with the CATO Institute, “there is little evidence that the sharing economy services are more dangerous than traditional taxis.” Drivers who accept reservations through UZURV are among the highest rated, customer-oriented on the road for Uber and Lyft. Commercial insurance is provided for passengers and thorough background checks are conducted on the drivers as well.


Through the UZURV app, available in the App Store & Google Play, riders have the ability to choose from driver profiles and vehicle photos in advance. Whether it’s an early morning flight or a late night trip home, filter driver options by specific amenities that are needed. Build a list of “Favorite Drivers” to use the same driver again after a successful trip. When you reserve your ride in advance with UZURV – you are in control!


Reserving your personal or business transportation in advance through UZURV gives you the extra assurance that your driver knows your expectations, and giving you the ability to communicate your needs in advance through this reservation app. Fares for Uber and Lyft are generally 40% cheaper than a taxi service, creating a more cost-efficient way to travel.


Download the app and make your first reservation today!
You can schedule up to a month in advance.

NOTE:  Uzurv is a reservation network helping you connect to the driver of your choice.  There is a fee for the reservation service.  The actual fare for the transportation is paid via Uber or Lyft so you’ll need one of those apps to pay for the ride itself.