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 In For Drivers

Signing up for UZURV is an exciting process, but one that comes with many questions.   Here are a couple helpful tips straight from other Uber and Lyft drivers for growing your on-demand ride-share business with UZURV.

Growth takes time!

Expect the growth cycle in your market to be complete in approximately 24 months. By referring riders to the platform, the volume of reservations will increase as well. Learn from other drivers who have found creative ways to market themselves to riders in our UZURV for Drivers Facebook page.

UZURV is a tool. Tools require work! 

Get familiar with the app by understanding the rider side as well as the driver side.  This way you are able to teach your customers how to use it properly.

Share your Driver Invitation Code with each passenger you drive.  This way you have given them free reservations and a chance for them to favorite you when they make reservations.

Provide a first-class standard of service so your passengers will request you again and again!

Remember the value you are adding!

Riders are able to view interested drivers when making a reservation request, vehicle pictures, experience private car service at Uber/Lyft rates, have peace of mind knowing that a reservation will cover non-metropolitan areas and the ability to chat with the driver in advance.

Each of these aspects makes you a valuable asset! Don’t be discouraged if not every rider you meet is interested, that is okay! It’s not for everyone, but rather for those who appreciate an extra level of service.

UZURV was built to enhance profitability!

Created by drivers, for drivers – we understand that business is an important factor when making the decision to express interest in a reservation request. Being selective is a good thing! Key factors such as trip distance and incentive amounts are important to take into consideration.

Most importantly, if you do express interest, be sure you are willing to do that trip and if your availability changes before you are selected, remember to cancel your interest.  Otherwise you might get caught having to let down a rider who has selected you.

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