Customize Your Super Bowl Experience

 In For Riders

The smack down between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will take place this Sunday, February 5th.  We expect millions of people to gather around TV screens, at their favorite watering holes and in family rooms across the country.  Get ready for the 51st Super Bowl this Sunday live from Houston, TX!

Whether you are tuning in to watch football, a thrilling performance from Lady Gaga or are looking forward to seeing the latest genius marketing in Super Bowl commercials – UZURV is here to help!

Traveling to a New England or Atlanta themed bar? Surround yourself with other passionate fans to and from the tavern. Be sure your driver is available!  Make a reservation for a ride.  Enjoy your evening of celebrating, trash talking or licking your wounds.

For Official Patriots bars to try: click here!

Looking for a Falcons bar? Click here!

If you prefer rooting for your team in the comfort of your own home and hosting fellow fans, try out these menus that are sure to be a winner!  Send your friends home in style—get a reservation to be sure your driver is available.

For a Patriots themed menu, try making lobster roll sliders, salt and vinegar chips, a side of lager spiked chili, Whoopi pies – and of course, Guinness.

For a southern-style, Falcons themed menu, be sure to get southern fried chicken, pimento cheese on buttered toast and a frozen peach bellini to top it off!

Upgrade your Super Bowl experience and make a reservation with the driver of your choice. Happy reserving!
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