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Many seniors may stop attending religious services after they move to a retirement community or once they give up driving. Perhaps this is because their new home isn’t near a church or they don’t have a way to get there. Whatever the reason may be; it is certain that it is not always voluntary.

A 2015 article on Sunrise Living Retirement Community website cites four non-religious benefits to seniors attending church:

  1. Improved Mood and Outlook–Attending church gets seniors our of their residence and into the community,and helps them see all the good in the world and give their life a deeper meaning.
  2. Positive Lifestyle Changes–Like anyone, seniors who are struggling to exercise more or quit a bad habit may find the support they need when they attend a church.
  3. Sense of Community–As indicated by religious support systems, churches often foster satisfying social networks among seniors.
  4. Charitable Opportunities–Older adults may find that lending a helping hand to the less fortunate gives them a newfound purpose in their retirement and helps them make new friends.

Transportation should not be the reason our senior citizens do not get to church.

With UZURV every senior has a “personal” driver that is affordable, trustworthy, reliable, and kind.  We do this by putting the power of selection in the hands of the rider. With UZURV, a rider can make an advanced reservation with an Uber or Lyft driver of their choice. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you solve the transportation problem at your church.

Let’s get our seniors to church on time!

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