Having a Holiday Party? How to Protect Your Employees and Your Business

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Its the holiday season, bringing a time for office parties and events that we all look forward to and provides an opportunity to mingle, and to boost morale. But these events can also be a source of liability to your business and danger to your employees if you are serving alcohol. According to the US Department of Labor:

“Alcohol use is involved in 40% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes, representing an average of one alcohol-related fatality every 30 minutes. It is estimated that three in every 10 Americans will be involved in an impaired driving-related crash some time in their life. Businesses pay a high price for alcohol and drug abuse; alcohol is a contributing factor in 39 percent of all work-related traffic crashes.”

Businesses serving alcohol at holiday parties run the risk of being held liable in the case of an alcohol related injury. 44 states have enacted Liquor liability laws that can be used to hold those serving the alcohol accountable for any outcome. So, how do you have a good time and reduce or eliminate this risk? Naturally the best way is to not serve alcohol, but if you must, here are some ways you can keep your employees and your business safe:

  • Set the tone at the outset asking all employees to be responsible. This message should be part of the invitation
  • Expect management to lead by example.
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages and always serve food.
  • Stop serving liquor toward the end of the evening and switch to coffee, tea and soft drinks.
  • Arrange alternative transportation. With UZURV events, you can reserve multiple cars ahead of time and if you pair that with UberEVENTS, you can even pay for it! https://uzurv.com/events
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