How To Maintain Your 5 Star Rating – As a Passenger

 In For Riders

From a passenger’s point of view, we typically have high expectations for rideshare drivers that we ping for travel. A clean, air conditioned car and a prompt, knowledgeable driver are just a few things we expect of a ride worthy of a 5-star rating.

Drivers on the UZURV platform offer a premium level of service to their passengers. They are using UZURV because they want to market themselves and to build a customer base. They know that they need to offer amenities like cold drinks, WiFi connections, and music choices, in order to attract customers. By doing so, UZURV drivers maintain a high driver rating.

But what about the rating of the passenger? We’ve put together some of the best ways to maintain your 5-star passenger rating.

1. Be courteous! Being kind and polite goes a long way.

2. Don’t overcrowd the vehicle. If you request a certain size Uber or Lyft, trying to squeeze in a few extra passengers is unsafe, illegal and unfair to ask of the driver.

3. Be timely! Time is money for rideshare drivers. Make a reservation with UZURV to minimize wait-time and get the driver of your choice.

4. Hands to yourself, folks. Respect your driver by maintaining personal boundaries. Save the backseat make-out sesh for your own car.

5. Don’t do anything in your Uber/Lyft that you wouldn’t want someone to do in your car.Whether it’s inside voices, abiding by the local laws or not making a mess, treat your Uber/Lyft with the utmost respect!

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