How to Use Uber or Lyft For Your Next Event

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Because Uber and Lyft are strictly on-demand transportation services, Event Planners typically don’t think it is feasible to use this convenient and economical service for their events.  However,  since the UZURV mobile app allows riders to make advanced reservations and to select the car and driver of their choice, we solve this problem.  Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance and you can  find and favorite specific drivers and vehicles that meet your personal needs.

Your clients benefit in the following ways

  • Savings. On-demand transportation is as much as 40% cheaper than traditional taxis, limo services and car rentals.  Your clients will have more money to spend on the event!
  • Reliability. Your clients can relax and enjoy the event! With UZURV they can trust that their drivers will be where they need them, when they need them–even outside the cities where Uber or Lyft are not always an option. They can even book a series of reservations that will allow them to get from one venue to another.
  • Control. With UZURV your clients choose their favorite driver and can filter for vehicle type and amenities like wifi hotspot, play your own music, phone charger, large trunk space, kid friendly, etc.Let us help you tell your customers about our service. If you are interested in print or digital marketing material about UZURV we would be pleased to help with that. Please contact our marketing team!
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