In The Passenger Seat

 In For Riders

We love hearing back from riders about their UZURV experience and how we are able to help traveling become a breeze. This week we heard from Tom Nash, a photographer for Richmond Aging 2.0 about his early morning airport trip.

Tom first heard of UZURV in April when we pitched our idea as a way to connect older adults with transportation network services such as Uber and Lyft through advance reservations.

“It sounded like a great idea, and the event was a perfect platform for it.”

He has used our reservation system to help with his early airport travel in Richmond, VA as well as his commute back to Boston, MA where he attends school. He commented on the convenience of, “knowing I have a car booked takes the stress out of worrying if anyone is out driving Uber at 4:30am.” Living in a sleepy town, Tom enjoyed the ability to find reliable transportation during odd hours of the day.

When asked if UZURV was helpful in his experience, he talked about the belief he has in our company, “especially after seeing the team behind it at the Richmond Aging 2.0 event.” We appreciate your trust in us, Tom and look forward to continuing to help your traveling needs!


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