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 In For Riders

Meet Debapriyo, a frequent UZURV rider and business traveler that was referred to the platform by one of his many Uber drivers. Deb works as an Associate Partner at IBM in the San Fransisco Bay area, is an avid fan of the Big Bang Theory tv show, and relies heavily on the on-demand rideshare industry for his travels.

After making multiple reservations with UZURV in the past, Deb was picked up from the Richmond Airport for his Uber ride by our very own CEO & Founder, Matt Donlon. Expressing his admiration for the features that the app brings to the rideshare industry, we were excited to learn a little bit more about just how Deb utilizes UZURV.

“UZURV gives me peace of mind of getting a ride at a scheduled time. Plus, I know enough about the driver so I know exactly who I’m going to ride with.”

With enough variables to juggle as is when it comes to traveling woes, Deb is grateful for the reliability, control and consistency that UZURV provides. He frequently uses filters in the app, such as a driver who carries a phone charger and water bottles, to make his Uber rides more enjoyable.

“The chat feature is great too. When my flight was delayed at the Atlanta, GA airport, I was able to inform my driver in Newport News, VA about the status of my arrival.”

By enhancing communication, adding to a high level of personal service and convenience, UZURV has drastically improved Deb’s travel experiences. When asked if he would recommend his friends and colleagues about this app, he stated, “for sure – I already have!”

We appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you UZURV, Deb! We are excited to continue enhancing your rideshare experiences – with your reservation, your choice.

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