Know the Product From the Inside Out

 In For Drivers

If you want to be able to inform riders in your market about UZURV, the best way is for you to understand the Rider App.  Having a personal understanding of the rider perspective will help you to know what your riders are asking (or missing) when they are downloading the app, making reservation requests, searching for drivers, or using their Uber or Lyft app to connect with you when you arrive at their pick up location.

Take a step back from the driver seat, and reverse the roles.  You will have a deeper understanding of the rider side of things and allow you to have helpful tips, pointers and suggestions ready to share – making their UZURV experience a nearly flawless one.

Be an expert! Download the Rider App to see exactly what they see when making a reservation and be as informed as possible with the Riders Experience. Having their app will also let you know when updates and announcements of the Rider App are released, keeping you as informed from both sides as possible.

Some of the “Frequently Asked Questions” By Riders:

  1. How do I get you as my driver again?

    1. UZURV has a “Favorite Drivers” tab that will allow you to favorite me and add me to your list of drivers that you would like to have again!
  2. What is an incentive?

    1. An incentive is a built-in “tip” to the app, allowing you to incentivize drivers to bid on your reservation request.
  3. How do I pay for the ride itself?

    1. UZURV only manages the reservation. All ride payment is done through the Transportation Network Company (TNC) of your choice. I will open my Driver app for Uber or Lyft and I will be pinged as the closest available driver to you!

For further understanding and information, watch our Rider App tutorial. Knowing the product from the inside out will help riders in your area see the value in repeatedly using UZURV to request the driver of their choice (you)!

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