#MyDriver is Kid-Friendly

 In For Riders

On Thanksgiving Day, one driver in the Atlanta, GA market decided to make a couple Uber trips before the big feast shared and celebrated by many. Stephanie H. was selected as the driver for an early morning UZURVation due to her vehicle size and amenities she offered. At the time of the reservation, she was greeted by a sweet family, “dad, mom and an itty-bitty baby girl going on a Disney Cruise!”


After helping her passengers load their travel bags, set up the carseat and connect their rideshare apps – a musical trip began to the busiest airport in the world.

“I use a music app with various stations to play music that makes my riders happy. Occasionally, I have a little prince or princess in my car – so I have a station for them as well!”

Songs from Disney classics such as The Lion King, The Jungle Book and Frozen were sang by all. Upon arrival to the airport, Stephanie once more went above and beyond by helping her passengers juggle their luggage and sweet baby girl.

“Thank you’s were exchanged and I was handed a $10 Starbucks Gift Card, on top of a $10 incentive for the trip! Whoop whoop! Jackpot!”

The rewards for all didn’t stop there. Stephanie was favorited and added to her rider’s “Favorite Drivers” list, having the ability to express interest in any of their reservation requests in the future. Her passengers had the peace of mind, reliability and familiarity of a driver who continues to go the extra mile with the help of UZURV.

“I was chosen once again to take them all to the airport a couple months later, with an incentive and tip! Who knows how far this will go, but I know at least once a year on their way to Disney – we will all be singing again soon!”

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