New Amenity Additions

 In For Riders

UZURV has added 2 new amenities to the app to help connect riders with the driver of their choice. Passengers are now able to find Uber and Lyft drivers who have completed 1000+ on-demand tripsor trained in the airport pick-up process.

These filter options are found in the amenities section under a new tab, called “Driver Experience”, where drivers are able to distinguish themselves by their driving experience and knowledge of the UZURV system.

The UZURV app amenity feature that allows riders to filter for drivers based on their individual needs makes the on-demand ride share experience personal. Select a favorite driver, or browse through drivers in your market to find someone new! Customization is key when making a UZURVation.

Whether you are looking for accessibility, accommodations, or technology features for your ride – UZURV has an amenity for that! Do you have a suggestion for an amenity that isn’t included? We want to hear it! Send your suggestions here!

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