Reliability of a Reservation

 In For Riders

We were wondering what our customers are saying.  So we interviewed one of our clients, Heather Reinecke. Heather has used UZURV several times to reserve a ride and she loves what UZURV has to offer!

“I like that I can plan my pick up, look through the drivers and know who’s coming. I also love the driver profiles – different situations call for different drivers! I have used it with my kids, by myself and with friends. It’s so nice being able to plan ahead of time, instead of waiting to see what shows up.” Reliability is one of the core values of UZURV, getting passengers where they need to go safely and efficiently.

Heather told us about a certain instance where she used UZURV to reserve an Uber to get to a concert in the heart of the city. Thankful for the reliability of a reservation, she was able to avoid the wait time and parking traffic jam that followed.

“I live in the suburbs,” she said, “and it is very difficult to find a ride. I immediately had multiple drivers to choose from. I was amazed at how many drivers were willing to accept my ride!”

Heather is not alone.  Many of our riders are saying the same thing- on the return trip especially, they are happy to have a reservation when they are tired, ready to get home and there are no available cars.

Thank you Heather for passing the word! How about you? Do you have a story?  Tell us! We would love to publish it. And just for making the effort, we’ll send you free reservations.


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