We hope everyone had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving. With the beginning of a new month and holiday season, take this as an opportunity to share your Driver Code and more information about UZURV to every passenger you meet. Holiday travelers, party throwers and dinner goers are the perfect riders looking to make an advance reservation. Feel free to use this holiday-themed business card to share your code!




With our new promotion, giving the gift of reservations may include a present for you, too!

Beginning (12/1), UZURV is introducing another exciting contest – holiday edition! Any Uber or Lyft driver with the following amount of UZURV Rider Referrals for the month of December will receive a special edition UZURV apparel gift. Be sure to share your code with passengers this holiday season and continue to build your business and the amount of riders in your market. This contest will conclude on 12/31. Happy referring to all!

25+ rider referrals = UZURV polo shirt
50+ rider referrals = UZURV polo shirt + Special Edition Sweater
100+ rider referrals = UZURV polo shirt + Special Edition Sweater & Special Edition Jacket

If you are still in need of UZURV decals for your vehicle, headrest covers, free reservation cards, rack cards, and an instructional booklet – we will be distributing them FREE of charge! Click here to fill out the information necessary to receive these marketing materials to customize your vehicle and promote your business this holiday season.
We are also continuing our promotion for you to create a custom invitation code to pass along to your rider and driver referrals. This promotion is for a limited time only and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis! Click here to complete this form – existing referrals will NOT be affected!