Run Errands with Help from UZURV

 In For Riders

Got things to do? Need help getting them done? UZURV to the rescue! Make a reservation to have an Uber or Lyft driver run your errands for you through the UZURV app. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Set your location

Step 2: Hit the menu bar in the upper left corner

Step 3: Choose “Find drivers”

Step 4: Hit the green “Filter” button in the upper right corner

Step 5: Select “Amenities”

Step 6: Select “Run Errands”

From there you can choose a driver and message them the details! Dry cleaning pickup, grocery store runs, take packages to the post office, etc. Pay the usual Uber or Lyft prices and get it done with your favorite driver thanks to UZURV!

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