She Said ‘Yes’ To UZURV

 In For Riders

Amidst the planning of a bachelorette party weekend, one soon-to-be bride was incredibly grateful for one less worry when making her first reservation with UZURV. Looking forward to a cabin weekend surrounded by her close friends and bridal party, Grace S. knew that finding a ride down the mountainside of Asheville, North Carolina could be challenging.

Grace was thrilled when she was introduced to the UZURV reservation app. What a relief!  She made an advanced reservation with a driver of her choice and the type of vehicle she needed and, Voila:  she had a car to take her guests safely up the winding roads of the mountain.

“I didn’t want any of my guests to have to worry about driving after our bachelorette weekend adventures, but I was also nervous that just any Uber or Lyft driver would not be willing to take such a difficult ride to the mountain top.”

With a party size of 5+ passengers, a larger vehicle was requested with necessary amenities, such as 4-Wheel Drive, to accommodate for their trip needs.

“I am so surprised that more people don’t know of UZURV yet! The idea is brilliant, and one that helped me when I wouldn’t have been able to find a ride through Uber or Lyft otherwise.  Our trip into town would not have been possible without UZURV. I can’t wait to use UZURV for my wedding, too!”

One of UZURV’s greatest strengths is the ability to get an on demand car in the outskirts of town. Areas that are not heavily trafficked with easily-available Uber and Lyft vehicles benefit greatly from UZURV’s  service. Dependability and the ability to customize your ride is a key selling point.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Grace! We look forward to UZURV continuing to be a helpful and reliable resource for all your event planning needs!
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