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 In For Drivers

It’s been said that nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. Sometimes the most influential moments to change your business can begin with a simple text message! By being prepared and planning ahead, one of our newest members of our Operations Team passes along a helpful piece of advice that has helped him with grow his UZURV Rider Referrals!

By crafting a message to send to his riders that are unfamiliar with UZURV while they wait for him to arrive, Harrison J. has set the groundwork to open the door for conversation about UZURV! Along with his decals, UZURV headrest covers and premium level of service provided, he sends a message to the rider that says:

“Hi! Your ride will be arriving soon. Look for the black Toyota [insert your own vehicle color and make]. Thank you! -Harrison/Uber
Did you know that you can pick your driver for reservations ahead of time? The UZURV app is available in both app stores. Why not download while you wait? 3 free reservations with invite code: [insert your invitation code here].


In this short and simple message, Harrison quickly shares what UZURV is all about! Sometimes, the easiest way to see growth in your rideshare business is to bring awareness to riders that they have the ability to create a list of Favorite Drivers, and schedule reservations in advance with a driver (like you!) who offers a professional and customizable experience. Without the knowledge of UZURV, they are missing out on one of the greatest ride-hailing options!

We appreciate you sharing this tip with us, Harrison, and helping other Uber and Lyft drivers across the country find success in their own rideshare businesses.

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