Ten Reasons to Use UZURV

 In For Riders

Our riders make UZURVations for a multitude of reasons, ranging from business travelers, early morning or late night trips, seniors staying mobile, family vacations, traveling to event venues – just to name a few. What do they all have in common? The peace of mind UZURV brings in knowing a driver will be there exactly when you need them. Take a look at 10 reasons why riders make reservations with us across the nation.

1. Because You Don’t Want to Miss Your Flight

Making a UZURVation means that your driver’s ETA is now, not however long it takes for the nearest one to get there.

 2. Because You Live Way Out in the Boonies

With UZURV, on demand cars are available even if you live miles from the city. Drivers come to you!

3. Because Your Baby Needs a Car Seat

Select your driver based on your travel needs, helping you know beforehand that there is a car seat for your child.

4. Because You Like to Know Your Driver

With UZURV, you can request your favorite driver every time you make a reservation.

5. Because You Are Special

You need a driver and a vehicle that can accommodate for any needs you may have. We’ve got you covered! Filter by amenities that are most important to you.

6. Because Your Clients Are Special

By filtering for your favorite driver, you can be sure that your clients will be treated well.

7. Because You Have a Special Event

Order multiple cars for your special events for you and all your guests! Stay in touch by using the chat feature.

8. Because You Want Your Guests to Have a Safe Ride Home

With UZURV, when you reserve your driver in advance, your guests can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

9. Because You Like to Save

Experience the luxury of a personal driver, at the cost of Uber and Lyft prices, that are nearly 40% cheaper than taxis or rental cars!

10. Because You Deserve It

Treat yourself to a lifestyle change.

11. Bonus Reason! A Chance to Win a $250 Best Buy Gift Card!

For every reservation you make for the month of April, your name will be entered to win a $250 Best Buy Gift Card! For full contest rules and regulations, please click here. A winner will be announced on 5/1 on our Facebook page – be sure to follow along! What are you waiting for?

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