The Importance of Incentives

 In For Riders

In the on-demand culture we live in today, people expect a variety of services to be provided at the push of a button. Ride-sharing is one of the strongest examples of this, through options such as Uber and Lyft that offer convenience and effortless accommodation for transportation.

While it is neither expected nor required, the question remains –

to tip or not to tip?

UZURV, as a Reservation Network Company (RNC), has included an ‘Incentive’ option in our app as a way for riders to tip drivers for their reliability, excellent service and dedication to rider satisfaction. Our ‘Incentive’ tab allows the rider to show their appreciation to drivers who provide a comfortable and safe experience traveling to their destination.

We believe it is important for riders to have the opportunity to say a little ‘thank you’ to the drivers who go the extra mile. Here are a few tips for tipping your drivers and the importance of the incentive feature.

Tip Jar

  1. Trying to catch an early morning or late night ride? Adding an incentive to your reservation request may grab the attention of more drivers!
  2. Looking for a customizable experience? Stay in control by filtering your driver options by amenities that may be hard to find. Watch our tutorial video below to learn more.
  3. Only need to travel a short distance? Some drivers are reluctant to pick up low fares – an incentive will increase your chances of being picked up where and when you need.


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