The Importance of Personal Service

 In For Riders

When was the last time you called a bank or cable company or even a doctors office and had a real live person pick up the phone?  This is our world—everywhere around you people are hooked to their technology—snapchatting, tweeting, emailing, using their smartphones to do almost everything. This includes ordering dinner, theater tickets, dry cleaning and even their rides.

Technology is ubiquitous, it is convenient, it is economical.  But it is impersonal and it will never replace that personal connection.

At UZURV we make the impersonal world of on demand transportation (Uber and Lyft) personal.

In the on-demand world, the connection is between two smartphones, one that a rider holds and one that a driver holds.  With UZURV the connection is between two people—a person needing a ride  and a driver.  By allowing a rider to make an advanced reservation and select the driver of their choice, they can build a business relationship that benefits both parties.

This is a powerful tool for businesses looking to provide a premium service to their clients at Uber or Lyft prices.  We are helping businesses today to build a pool of “favorite drivers” who understand their brand, who they can depend on, and who provide a personal service to their clients.

If you want to provide this service to your clients, we can help.  Send us an email at to get started today.

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