The Possibility that UZURV Offers

 In For Drivers

We love hearing testimonials from Uber and Lyft drivers that use the UZURV platform to grow their rideshare business – and all the doors that UZURV has opened for them over time. With enhanced control of personal schedules, income opportunities and financial success, UZURV is a valuable asset that gives drivers the ability to build a steady client-base for life.

We spoke to a very insightful and pleased driver from our Hampton, VA market, where he began to see the possibilities UZURV offered that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

“I truly began to see the potential of UZURV when [a] passenger was impressed enough with me to ask for my phone number. These were typically the passengers that had planned trips and wanted someone they trust or provides excellent service. This is the true purpose of UZURV.

The sooner we, as drivers, focus on developing client-based relationships, the sooner [the riders] will catch on that they can have their very own list of first-class drivers.”

By providing service at such a high standard, Reed G. has seen immense growth in his rideshare business and consistency in his personal schedule.

“The key to convincing a passenger that this service is not only worth using, but worth paying more for, is to provide service that is so good, they won’t want to request a ride any other way!”

Staying customer-focused is the key to success when implementing UZURV into your rideshare business. Offer your riders peace of mind when reserving their next trip with Uber or Lyft by being dependable, timely, and always going the extra mile!

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