UZURV: A Must Use App for Travel

 In For Riders

There’s nothing quite like traveling to a city for the first time. Trying the local faire, hitting up the best breweries, discovering great places for a walk or a run… But finding those great places and figuring out where the locals go can be a bit tricky.

That’s where UZURV comes in! When you need transportation AND a little local insight, don’t just open the Uber or Lyft app and hope you get a good driver, make a UZURVation and find a driver that best meets your needs.

UZURV allows you to find knowledgeable drivers in the area that will give you the experience you’re looking for. Filter through drivers using our “Find Drivers” option with specifications that are unique to the experience you want, and get a friendly, knowledgeable driver.

Wherever your travels take you, make your reservation for a driver that best suits your needs with the UZURV app.

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