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There’s always something going on in Richmond, Virginia, where our offices are headquartered. Beyond the great food, the multiple craft breweries, and the festivals for just about anything you could think of, there is a rich, vibrant tech/startup scene. This week in Richmond is RVA Tech Week and UZURV was excited to be a part of the action!

“The Pitch”

Have you ever been to a “pitch” event or competition? It’s a common occurrence in the startup world. Pitch events are essentially opportunities for entrepreneurs and founders to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists or angels with the hopes that someone invests in their company. Think Shark Tank but smaller. Pitch events can result in cash prizes, entry into an accelerator or incubator program, or money.


Yesterday, several dozen founders and entrepreneurs reserved a ride using our app for the UZURV-UR-PITCH event. The event was in partnership with RVATECH and Venture Forum RVA. Here’s how it worked:UZURV-Urban-Farmhouse-Market-Richmond

  1. The entrepreneur/founder registered for the event and gave a location where they would be at 10am on July 27th.
  2. Upon registration, the entrepreneur was given a time slot and location.
  3. They then made a reservation using the UZURV app for transportation to the given location at their given time slot.
  4. The day of the event, the driver they chose picked them up and took them to their meeting.

There were about 20 Venture Capitalists and Angels placed in three locations around the city. Each registrant got 15 minutes to pitch their idea and gain feedback from the VC(s) they were assigned to meet with.

“The average Richmonder with a paper napkin idea would not normally have exposure to our region’s capital stack. It’s not easy getting an appointment with some of these investors let alone getting an intro. UZURV-UR-PITCH supports an awesome local startup and helps give everyone access to our stack.” – Robby Demeria, Executive Director, RVATECH/Richmond Technology Council

All in all it was a great event. We loved driving local founders around and hearing about the businesses they are building!

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