Male UZURV Driver with Rider in Car

Find Your COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Information 

Vaccine Eligibility Overview

UZURV drivers are essential to ADA and NEMT communities and their ongoing services during the pandemic. That is why many UZURV drivers may be considered essential workers and possibly given priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine depending upon their states regulations and distribution schedules. 

In this guide you will find a link to each state’s COVID-19 vaccine schedule and eligibility information for you to review in your pursuit of getting vaccinated. 

We hope this guide will help make the process easier by providing you with the official information from each state in which UZURV operates. These web pages will be updated with more information as it becomes available, so you may want to check back for updates. 

Vaccine Eligibility Links by State





North Carolina


South Carolina 



Additional Resources and Information

UZURV COVID-19 Policies 

CDC COVID-19 Prevention and Vaccination Information