What is UZURV all about?

 In For Drivers

We recently asked some of our users to describe what UZURV means to them (in case you missed it, click here). But what is UZURV all about?

Depending on the user, UZURV fills a need for various purposes. The one we can all agree on is that the rideshare industry is profoundly missing dependability without a reservation. Passengers can be left waiting, hailing drivers they do not know, and squeezing their belongings into a vehicle that may not be suitable to accommodate their needs.

That’s where we come in.

Most riders making UZURVations love the option to find their favorite driver. They know that ability to choose the rideshare driver that is right for their specific trip is unique to UZURV.

Passengers tell us that the quality of service that the driver provides is the single most important reason they favorite a driver. Others tell us that they scrutinize the drivers’ bios and amenities to make a selection.  Drivers can differentiate themselves with professional looking photos, bio information and amenities to meet the rider’s needs.


We live in a visual world. So your photo is a big deal. Let your personality shine when creating a UZURV profile! Be sure to use focused, well-lit images that highlight your professionalism.

UZURV’s amenity feature is another big hit with riders using the UZURV platform. Whether they are filtering for drivers due to special needs, technology offered in the vehicle, or drivers open to having kids or pets along for the ride, riders are looking for the perfect driver to suit their rideshare needs. Drivers, be sure to include which amenities you offer!

When writing your bio, try to go beyond the usual. Think of unique, creative ways to showcase who you are and what you can bring to the table for your Riders. For our social media users, your bio is much like a tweet – use those 150 characters wisely!

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What is UZURV all about? Relationships. Bringing riders and drivers together. Providing reliability and dependability to improve on-demand transportation for all.

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