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Transportation matters.

Freedom of movement is essential for quality of life, especially when you’re sick or living with a disability.

And the simple truth is this — sometimes we all need a helping hand.

That’s why we believe in building mutually beneficial communities of health through better mobility.

Together with UZURV, our community of Riders, Drivers, and Transportation Providers are all part of something. Breaking down transportation barriers to increased independence and better care.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA

UZURV is an Adaptive Transportation Network Company (Adaptive TNC) and Mobility Platform Technology Company.

The UZURV technology platform delivers safe and reliable assisted mobility.


John Donlon, Chief Executive Officer

Phil Bayer, Chief Technology Officer

John Duncan, Executive Vice President

Ned Freeman, Chief Operating Officer

Trish FitzPatrick, VP, Corporate Outreach

Frank T. Martin, Strategic Advisor

Kyle Engelken, Chief Financial Officer

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Help bring freedom of movement to people all across the country.

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