Digital Accessibility Policy

Commitment to Digital Accessibility

UZURV is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone who visits our website located at and for those who download and use our UZURV Rider App. To that end, we will utilize the guidance provided within applicable digital accessibility standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, along with any other applicable laws and regulations, when developing, updating and testing any rider-facing websites and mobile applications.

Applicable Accessibility Standard – WCAG 2.1, Level AA

UZURV’s goal is for all rider-facing websites and mobile applications to meet applicable provisions set forth within the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA, standards issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and any appropriate successor standards thereto. Presently, UZURV’s rider-facing website meets or exceeds these standards. UZURV’s rider app meets most applicable WCAG 2.1, Level AA standards. For more details, see our Voluntary Product Accessibility Test Certification Report.

Procedures for Maintaining Digital Accessibility

UZURV will utilize the following procedures to ensure that rider-facing websites and mobile applications meet or exceed WCAG 2.1, Level AA, standards to the extent possible.

  • We have adopted and posted this Digital Accessibility Policy.
  • We have integrated digital accessibility requirements into our procurement processes and contracts.
  • We provide role-specific accessibility training for all staff who support rider-facing digital assets.
  • We publish procedures that riders can use to report accessibility deficiencies. These procedures also address UZURV’s procedures for handling reported deficiencies.
  • We engage a qualified third-party to conduct accessibility audits and update VPAT certifications when digital assets are introduced or significantly updated.

Process for reporting and remediating digital accessibility issues

Any individual who identifies an accessibility-related deficiency with any UZURV digital asset can report a deficiency using the form below. Or they may email Helpful information includes:

  • What type of device, operating system, browser, and assistive technology the user was utilizing when experiencing the deficiency.
  • What webpage or task the user was attempting to complete when the error occurred.
  • If possible, a screenshot of the error the user is reporting.
  • A summary of how the user’s experience was not accessible, and what a more accessible experience would be for the user.
  • Contact information where UZURV personnel can contact the user for additional information or follow-up.

When UZURV receives a complaint about the accessibility of its digital assets, UZURV will research the matter, identify any needed changes, and prioritize the work for a future update. UZURV will contact the rider or their representative to relay findings or in the event that additional follow-up is needed.

Please tell us about your issue.

Current VPAT Certification Report

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