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Build Your On-Demand Business With UZURV

UZURV is a stand-alone Reservation Services App that works alongside existing on-demand services like Uber and Lyft.

With UZURV, on-demand drivers can easily accept reservation requests, create individual profiles and market their independent contractor businesses to both existing and potential new riders. Riders can “favorite” drivers and choose to send requests to their “Favorites Only.”

UZURV is a valuable tool that will allow drivers to set their schedules, meet financial goals, build solid customer bases and ultimately grow their independent contractor businesses.

App Features include:

  • A Request Feed that can be filtered by location, distance of ride and driver incentive*
  • “Favorite Drivers Only” rider request option
  • Browsable driver profiles including bios, vehicle photos and amenities
  • Rider-Driver Chat feature
  • Generous Driver Referral Reward system

*Incentives are monetary enticements offered by riders to drivers to accept a reservation.

There is a service fee associated with both making and accepting reservations. The fee will eventually be $2.95. For this initial launch period it has been discounted to just $0.99.

Please Note: UZURV is not a Transportation Network Company. UZURV deals only with the reservation, not the ride itself. A driver must have an account with a TNC to accept a ride on the TNC’s platform.

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