Driving for your community

Get credentialed.Earn more.Make a difference.

That feeling of getting behind the wheel, driving where you need to go, when you need to go, conveniently and safely – it’s not something everyone gets to experience. For people in your community living with disabilities or with medical conditions, that freedom depends on you, a driver in the UZURV network.

Apply to be a driver on our adaptive transportation network today. You’ll earn higher rideshare fares, get more control of your ride schedule, and build deeper connections with your passengers – all while helping people live better.

“It’s fabulous. I’m helping people get out where they need to go, and they like that the drivers are personable, caring and compassionate and know how to help.”

Rita B.

Become a UZURV Driver


Begin by downloading the UZURV360 app with the links below. The app will take you through everything you need to know to get credentialed and onboarded to the platform.

Once you are approved as a UZURV driver, you’ll be able to choose rides and start receiving trips. Your schedule is totally up to you.


Complete the form below and a member of our Driver Onboarding Team will reach out with more info about UZURV and becoming a driver.

Specialty Credentials

UZURV drivers become credentialed in HIPAA, CPR, ADA, PASS and other specialized passenger service certifications plus appropriate drug and alcohol testing requirements.

Top Earnings

As a certified driver, you’ll earn premium fares for your work. Start with a higher minimum fare, better rates per mile and guaranteed incentives.

More Control

See mileage, pickup and drop-off locations before you show interest in a ride. Drive during normal business hours with rides scheduled in advance.


“I feel like I’m making a difference in the
lives of people who wouldn’t otherwise get a ride.”

What to know before you apply to drive for UZURV

UZURV is trusted by passengers, cities and healthcare leaders across the country. Trust and reliability is the heart of everything we do. We carefully screen drivers and hold them to the highest standards.

General Driver Requirements (all city, state, and program requirements will be followed)

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Must have a valid US Driver’s License
  • Must pass a criminal background check–minimum of 7 years
    • No felonies, no drug charges, no charges involving violence, etc.
  • A lifetime check will be performed on the National Sex Offender Registry
  • Must pass a motor vehicle record background check
    • No DUI/DWI, state law determines moving violation regulations
  • Programs typically require drug/alcohol screening to FTA and State compliance standards

General Vehicle Requirements

  • Must be 4 door vehicle
  • Must be 10 years old or less (7 years old or less for Phoenix area drivers.)
  • Vehicle is a typical Sedan or SUV holding between 2-7 other passengers PLUS you. (note: no pickup trucks).
  • Valid Personal Vehicle Insurance, in your name
  • Valid Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Inspection (If required by your transit program)
  • No cosmetic or major damage to the vehicle
  • Interior must be clean, tidy, and a NO SMOKING vehicle (No Vaping with passengers in the vehicle)

Please note that the above list is the minimum standard. Some programs have additional criteria that must be met to be eligible to drive for that program.  Every state law is unique and every contract has requirements that are often specific to that contract. TNC drivers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning vehicle equipment for driver’s vehicles used to provide prearranged rides. You’ll have access to the details when you onboard with the UZURV app. Our driver support operations team will make sure you’re matched with the right programs.


UZURV Partner Drivers’ personal automobile insurance policy may not provide uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage when you use a vehicle in connection with the UZURV digital platform. UZURV strongly recommends that partners have additional coverage known as Rideshare insurance. These policies will cover a rideshare driver whether he or she is “on the clock” or just driving for personal reasons giving you extra protection against loss in case of an accident. See our TNC Insurance page for additional information.

If the vehicle you plan to use to transport passengers for UZURV has a lien against it, you must notify the lienholder that you will be using the vehicle for transportation services that may violate the terms of your contract with the lienholder.

All UZURV Partner Drivers are required to notify UZURV of any event that may disqualify you from acting as a TNC partner including a change in your registration, license, or insurance.


UZURV does not discriminate on the basis of a passenger’s disability with regards to access or cost.

UZURV has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for drivers.To report any suspected violation of this policy, please contact support@uzurv.com.

You can read Driver Terms and Conditions here.

Driver regulations specific to Nevada drivers can be found here.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and more information please visit https://uzurv.zendesk.com.