Ride With UZURV

Reliable, Quality Transportation at Your Door

Whether it’s getting to work, going shopping, visiting family or some other errand, everyone, including older adults and people with disabilities, need and deserve reliable transportation that is safe, accessible and easy to use.

UZURV provides reliable on-demand and pre-scheduled transportation in clean and comfortable private vehicles with highly qualified drivers with the right training to support riders who need extra assistance.

Transportation you can trust

  • All drivers pass detailed background checks and required substance abuse testing protocols. See our Zero-tolerance policy.
  • Every Driver and Customer Service Representative completes role-specific training to meet the specific needs of all customers. This includes older adults, people with disabilities, people who need door-to-door assistance, people traveling with service animals, and people with less obvious disabilities and service needs. See our Non-discrimination policy.
  • All vehicles are inspected and must meet all applicable federal, state, and local transportation laws and regulations.
  • In many locations, UZURV also provides transportation for people who require wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
  • UZURV Staff monitors every trip to ensure safety and quality of service, aided by our technology’s real-time tracking and safe driving metrics.
  • The UZURV Customer Service Center is available during all service hours. You can reach us by emailing ridersupport@uzurv.com or through the UZURV Ride app. For guidance specific to your location, including how to file a complaint about service, check out this page on state-specific information.

Where Does UZURV Operate?

UZURV partners with public transit agencies, paratransit providers, local communities, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers, healthcare providers and other organizations throughout the country. Each program has its own eligibility criteria, registration process, days and hours of operation, procedures for booking trips, service policies, and fares. The list of UZURV-operated transportation programs is growing all the time. Contact your local transit or paratransit provider for more info. You can also email the Rider Support Team.

Current UZURV Program Locations

Click on a link below for more info on UZURV service in your area.


What UZURV Delivers

Since its founding in 2017, UZURV has provided more than a million trips to older adults and people with disabilities in a host of towns and cities throughout the country. Here is a snapshot of what UZURV riders and sponsoring organizations are experiencing every day with UZURV.

98.4% of trips provided on-time.

100% of trips monitored in real-time by UZURV Customer Service employees using UZURV’s state-of-the-art service monitoring technology.

Overall customer satisfaction levels that are 40% higher than for traditional advanced-reservation, shared-ride paratransit.

What Customers Are Saying


A good thing about UZURV is you know your customers, and they know you.

Yoana H.
UZURV Driver

It’s a privilege to help the people that are in need. That’s what’s most important.

Daryl H.
UZURV Driver

I get a lot of sense of fulfillment in helping the riders.”

Wendi T.
UZURV Driver


To learn even more about why UZURV exists and how we serve the needs of riders, drivers and our transportation partners, check out our informative four-part blog series: “What is UZURV, and Why Does it Matter?”