Using an Adaptive TNC in paratransit

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Learn more about enhancing mobility independence and improving agency key performance indicators.


Ask about verified 25% per-trip cost savings, 97%+ on-time performance, and how supplemental service and rider choice programs served more than 30k monthly trips.

Palm Tran

Learn how the addition of UZURV quickly relieved pressure on service and helped improve on-time performance and lowered per-trip costs on average across the entire ADA paratransit program.


Find out how the program found a collaborative provider to improve flexibility in ADA paratransit service, achieve year-to-date 97.8+% on-time performance (no later than 15 minutes), and continues to expand utilization.


Discover how a multi-year rider choice program delivered consistent performance and flexibility in a time of major change.


Learn about the strong performance in JTA's innovative Rider Choice program and how it led to support of prime contractors in ADA supplemental service in a time of need.

Indy Go

Get insights on how UZURV supported and participated in the Agency’s successful and comprehensive FTA triennial audit and review.

Inquire about how UZURV and SacRT completed a successful and comprehensive FTA triennial audit and review.

Pace logo

Learn more about a collaborative partnership, strategic use in ADA supplemental service, and full Trapeze integration helped quickly improve overall agency paratransit performance.

Go Durham

Hear how GoDurham saved 30% on per-trip costs while achieving significantly improved Rider satisfaction.


Find out about the rapid launch that supported the operating company with a flexible network of fully FTA-compliant drivers, and the immediate results for program performance.


Discover how a collaborative partnership with MBTA led to success after UZURV became a non-dedicated service provider (NDSP) in Boston.

Valley Metro

Get the story on how flexible service provided stability and consistency through contract transitions in ADA paratransit and Rider Choice.


Uncover how RTC achieved 99+% Agency Reported On-time Performance (OTP) and 100% Appointment OTP with UZURV's service.

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Ensuring riders have access to safe, door-to-door service with FTA-compliant drivers on every ride

EVERY UZURV driver is fully FTA-compliant and must pass rigorous drug & alcohol screening and background checks before driving.

EVERY UZURV ride is monitored in real-time by our operations team.

EVERY Rider and Driver can reach an Operations team member at any time during a ride.

Delivering exceptional service (while also reducing paratransit trip costs)



On-time Percentage


Cost ReductionPer Trip

JTA achieved a net average trip cost of $24.39 per trip, which is 56% below the post-COVID average cost per trip.

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“Using an adaptive transportation network company like UZURV has improved our key metrics for SacRT GO, including customer satisfaction.”

— Henry Li, CEO SacRT

And communities are talking about the impact

Most major mobility platforms are Adaptive-ready

Through direct API integration with UZURV, enabling...

Integrated Disptach

Real-time Ride Status

Transparent Reporting

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Let us know if you'd like to connect with other industry leaders already using an Adaptive TNC.