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Today Richmond-based Adaptive Transportation Network Company, UZURV, announced a partnership with Phoenix-based Accessible Avenue, a start-up focused on transforming mobility for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Accessible Avenue was founded by Ron Brooks, a 28-year veteran of the public transit industry who has spent his entire career planning and managing accessible transit and paratransit services in locations across the country. Including a recent six-year stint at the Valley Metro Regional Public Transit Authority in Phoenix, which partnered with UZURV to provide accessible, on-demand trips to the community in 2019. 

“Over the course of the last five years,” says UZURV’s CEO John Donlon, “UZURV has developed an amazing team and technology platform that is revolutionizing transportation for people with disabilities. We have experienced tremendous growth as more and more transit agencies have begun to recognize that it is possible to provide on-demand transportation that delivers independence and freedom while also saving money over more traditional paratransit services. Our partnership with Accessible Avenue will help us further refine our services to meet the needs of communities who need it most.”

Photo of Ron Brooks

Ron Brooks
Founder, Accessible Avenue

“For me,” says Ron, who, in addition to being an experienced industry insider is also blind, “UZURV represents the next step in the evolution of transportation for people with disabilities who cannot always use conventional public transit service. In the past and in many locations to this day, customers who depend on paratransit have to schedule every aspect of their lives at least a day in advance. Which is extremely challenging for anyone with a family or a job or the desire to live a spontaneous life. By building a network of specialty-credentialed drivers that have been vetted, trained and certified to provide safe, high-quality and accessible transportation on-demand, UZURV is changing the game, and the chance to contribute to their efforts is a dream come true. Because it’s not only benefitting my industry, it’s benefitting me and other people with disabilities who want to travel with dignity and flexibility.”

With technology playing an increasing role in expanding public transit and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) mobility, this partnership will build and establish strategic practices and services to ensure seniors and people with disabilities have access to on-demand transportation when they need it. Together, UZURV and Accessible Avenue will assist transit agencies and NEMT providers in effectively providing an excellent rider experience catered to the unique needs of paratransit and transportation disadvantaged riders.

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About UZURV 

Founded in May of 2017, UZURV is an Adaptive Transportation Network Company. UZURV’s technology platform enables flexible, efficient technology-enabled mobility. Serving public transit agencies, managed care organizations, national nonprofits, and government agencies across 20 states and growing, the UZURV platform provides efficient, safe, door-to-door transportation services. For more information on UZURV, visit:

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About Accessible Avenue 

Founded in 2020, Accessible Avenue exists to connect public agencies and private organizations with consulting and training services that can assist in the development and delivery of mobility for everyone, including seniors and people with disabilities. More information is available at

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