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UZURV contracts to provide WAV service in many of our programs across the country as a portion of the available trips we provide. 

To ensure paratransit riders requiring wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) receive the same high level of service expected of every UZURV ride, we maintain equally high standards for our contracted WAV providers.

Partnerships Based on a Shared Commitment to Service

Featured Partner

Access Advanced Care Transportation

UZURV partners with Access – Advanced Care Transportation (Access) to provide wheelchair-accessible trips for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority Connexion Plus program, which offers ADA-eligible riders same-day, opt-in service.

Rolando Dunagan, owner-operator of Access shares his core principles for WAV transportation. Rolando made the jump from real estate into Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) in 2019. Intrigued by local WAV vehicles, Rolando started part-time, balancing real estate with NEMT. His company has grown steadily by maintaining a focus on the needs of the community of riders. These insights have shaped its approach to customer service, staff, and the Jacksonville community.  

“I had a wonderful experience with my Access Driver on my ride. My driver was very attentive, drove within the speed limit, and ensured I was safe and comfortable during the entirety of my trip.”

– JTA Connexion Rider

The customer first philosophy

Access Advanced Care Transportation logoThe driving philosophy of Access is “to put the customer first no matter what, ” says Rolando. This can be as simple as tuning into a rider’s preferred radio station or adjusting the vehicle’s inside temperature for the rider’s comfort. What it always includes is communication. For Rolando, “the number one thing is communication.”

Rolando expands, “We can make the vans look good and wear fancy uniforms, but if we don’t communicate with the rider, they’ll wonder, ‘What is going on!?’ A simple phone call makes all the difference.”

Compassion is the litmus test

As a WAV provider that goes above and beyond, Access ensures every one of the drivers is reliable. Rolando aptly points out, “If you don’t make it to work that day, then your ten passengers don’t make it to work either.” 

Reliability goes beyond being punctual. Access has an essential litmus test when pre-screening drivers. They always ask, “When was the last time you experienced road rage? What happens when someone cuts you off?” Because, as Rolando points out, “If you can’t handle stuff like that, this isn’t for you. It’s going to happen all the time.” A level-headed driver is essential when navigating daily traffic as a transportation provider.

During onboarding, Access mentors drivers by assigning them a one-on-one coach, Donald, and Sheila, “nothing beats the hand-on-hand, side-by-side training on day one until we think you are ready to go.” Training at Access lasts as long as a driver needs it and their mentors are always a phone call away.

Familiarity with your riders improves safety

Access’s emphasis on communication between driver and passenger increases familiarity and comfort for riders. In fact, Rolando believes he and his staff  “…know about 80% of passengers by their first name.”  

An Access wheelchair accessible van.

In turn, robust communication and the familiarity it builds is an effective safety measure. “We’re similar to barbers. You really get to 

know who your riders are…” Rolando neatly illustrates his point “…GPS might take you four blocks away. My drivers already know all the particulars of each trip. They understand the Jacksonville landscape, and what every one of our riders needs.” The entire team at Access is committed to every rider’s safety and security.

To Rolando, “It’s all about the passengers.” They are always at the forefront of his mind when hiring his drivers, “You have to have compassion and empathy. If a driver has that, I know they are the one.”

Involved in the rider community

Rolando and his staff stand in front of the sunset smiling to camera.In addition to the services Access provides to UZURV, Rolando and his team work closely with the Jacksonville Center for Independent Living (CIL). CIL offers community-based services such as access to technology and equipment, sign-language interpretation, and employment assistance. Through their collaboration, Access and CIL ensure the Jacksonville community has additional accessible transportation options.  

Rolando and his crew go beyond the responsibilities of their daily mission, expanding their community role from provider to advocate.


WAV – Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

NDSP – Non-Dedicated Service Provider

NEMT – Non-emergency Medical Transportation

TNC – Transportation Network Company

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