“Add to Calendar” Feature

 In For Drivers

Don’t get caught forgetting your reservation.

When you are selected as the driver for a UZURVation, it is important to be prepared for the upcoming reservation. After all, the rider is counting on you! There is nothing worse than being a no-show, especially when it is just because you forgot!


Did you know that the UZURV Driver App has a built-in calendar tool to help you keep track of your reservations? Each time you are selected for a reservation, the app allows you to add the time and date of that reservation to the calendar on your device. A reminder can be edited to the time of your choice, to alert you with enough time for you to be ready to hit the road. Just hit the “Add to Calendar” button (pictured below).

Using this feature is a great way to stay organized and to develop strong, professional habits that show riders the benefits of UZURV. Other suggestions include: checking for traffic using WAZE, arriving 5 minutes early, and using the chat feature to communicate with the rider throughout the reservation period. UZURV riders are looking for personal service, and reliability. If you deliver these benefits, you will grow your business!


Insider Tip: When building your profile, be mindful of the amenities that you say you offer. If you distinguish yourself from other drivers by specifying you have a child seat, bike rack, phone charger, etc. – then you need to be sure you have them when they are needed. Use the chat feature to ask your customers before the ride. And remember, you can always edit your profile to add or take away amenities as you grow your on-demand rideshare business.

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