Driver Spotlight: Meet Rob Lindsey

 In For Drivers

One of the best ways to learn how to grow your business through UZURV is to find new, innovative ideas to market yourself through the advice and suggestions of other drivers.

Rob Lindsey, driving in Atlanta, Georgia, was recently ranked #6 for the month of October 2016 in Most Completed Reservations. With a hard-working attitude and dedication to his personal success, we asked him to share some of the factors he felt were contributing to these accomplishments. Take notes, folks! He had some pretty brilliant things to say.

His bio reads as follows: Hey! I’m an Atlanta native and have been driving on the Uber and Lyft platforms since August ’15. Every day is a new adventure and I appreciate you coming along for the ride! My goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, 1st class experience.

Immediately portraying an open, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, his riders are able to learn a little bit about Rob and the experience he offers to his passengers. Being courteous, reliable and professional in your bio is crucial in growing your business with UZURV.

First impressions have the power to say it all! When asked if he had any advice for new drivers using UZURV, he replied:

“It’s all about educating your passengers about UZURV and relationships. Don’t “push” UZURV, but introduce it in the conversation you have with the passenger. If they live in an underserved area or the pickup time to work, airport, etc. is late or early, UZURV is perfect for them.

One of the best ways to introduce UZURV is when you provide excellent service and your passengers says “I wish I could get you again” at the end of the ride. Tell them they can!

And that “wish you could get you again” is the formation of a relationship! I have many regular passengers. Those I had before UZURV are now using it… they know that, if I’m available, they can reserve me for a ride.”

Highlighting some of the key aspects of UZURV, Rob emphasized the importance of convenience, confidence and safety.

“It’s right there on your phone along with your Uber and Lyft apps, and setting up a reservation is similar to requesting an on-demand ride. That’s convenient!

With UZURV you have increased confidence that you’re going to get a ride when you need it with a driver who’s professional and reliable.

And, probably one of the best things is increased safety. You’ll either have a relationship with one or more local drivers whom you know you can trust, or, can learn about new drivers and communicate with them before the ride. Great for traveling to another city or arranging rides for elderly family members.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Rob! Thank you for your continued support and commitment to spreading the word about all that UZURV has to offer. Keep up the good work!


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