Driver Spotlight: Richard Rael

 In For Drivers

UZURV was recently featured in a Denver, Colorado news headline due to the impressive efforts and dedication of Uber driver, Richard Rael. Having been a driver for the previous three years, Rael has witnessed first-hand the improvement of his business because of all that UZURV has to offer.

By being able to select, filter and request favorite drivers, UZURV is the app that gives riders the ability to select their driver, with the car they like, and the capabilities they need. Setting yourself apart with the amenities and special features you offer now gives you, the driver, the power to construct your business like never before.

“We’re all latching onto it, you know, whatever we can do as independent contractors to enhance our business for Uber or Lyft, it’s a win-win situation,” said Rael.

We couldn’t agree more! One of our main goals here at UZURV is to provide drivers with the ability to enrich their business by providing an extra level of service and professionalism with our platform. By providing an opportunity for riders to reserve their trips in advance, safety is heightened, drivers can create and manage repeat business and residual income can be made from referring passengers to the app.

Thank you, Richard for using, promoting and sharing the word about UZURV! We are thrilled about the growth in Denver, CO and excited to see UZURV continue to succeed in our other markets.

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