#MyDriver Goes the Extra Mile

 In For Riders

How do you keep things interesting after 61 years of marriage?  Ask Tal & Evetter of Fayetteville, GA. These two love-birds upgraded their date night with a personal driver experience. They used UZURV to make a reservation with a driver of their choice.  This otherwise normal night out to a concert became a special experience for them as well as for their driver.

“Passengers like this make it fun and interesting – I love my job!” said their driver, Rob.

Before beginning their Uber ride, Rob happily snapped some photos of the giddy couple – of Tal opening the car door for his bride, and planting a smooch right on her cheek!



The aspects of safety, reliability and customization are at the center of who we are for both riders and drivers using the UZURV platform. Confidence is added with an increase in safety and knowing a driver will be available where you need them, and when you need them most.

Thank you for sharing how you UZURV, Tal and Evetter! It’s stories like these that truly make us smile.

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