The Adaptive TNC for Public Mobility

Why consider an Adaptive Transportation Network Company for Paratransit?

UZURV combines TNC efficiency with drivers who are specialty-credentialed and drug and alcohol tested to FTA guidelines. It’s an efficient and flexible tool in your strategic paratransit service mix. With an Adaptive TNC, your community can offer a new level of care and door-to-door support in ADA and public transportation services.


Lower paratransit and ADA costs-per-ride


98%+ on-time pick up


Improved rider experience


Increased mobility for people with disabilities in your community


“UZURV’s partnership with GRTC’s Care-On-Demand program immediately made a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. I can best describe it as a program that’s effective, efficient and caring.”

— David Green, Former CEO, Greater Richmond Transit Company


Demonstrated paratransit cost reductions of 15%-53%.


98%+ on-time pick-ups. With credentialed drivers helping passengers door-to-door.


Active sharing of ride data and passenger satisfaction for program analysis.

What is the UZURV Adaptive Transportation Platform?

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Take rideshare and add caring, capable drivers who are drug & alcohol tested to FTA guidelines. Drivers who also have specialty credentials and come ready and willing to assist ADA and paratransit riders.

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Add a technology platform that directly integrates with your existing transit management system. Or integrates into daily operations with a top-notch self-service online platform and call center.

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Add the ability to allocate the most cost effective service based on rider need — curb-to-curb, door-to-door, and Wheelchair Accessible (WAV).

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Add proven reliability and the experience gained in programs across 20 states and as a partner in major transit programs across the country.

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The result? A significant reduction in ADA paratransit cost-per-ride. And truly life changing mobility experiences and independence for ADA and transportation disadvantaged riders.

A rising challenge for cities.

Demand for ADA-compliant transit is rising.

The number of people 65 and older in the United States is increasing by 10,000 people/day and is expected to grow to 73 million in 2030, about 15 million more than today.

“The total per passenger cost to provide ADA service is topping $45 per trip, well over 10 times the cost to provide an individual fixed route bus trip, and although paratransit service can be just 1-2% of the overall ridership, it is responsible for at least 9% of operating cost.”

(Mass Transit Mag, 2017)


Trusted by Nashville MTA

A six-month pilot with UZURV has turned into a multi-year partnership for Nashville MTA’s Access on Demand. UZURV provides local AccessRide passengers the option to book a direct, dedicated private ride with no additional stops and just two hours’ notice.