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You know that part in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where they string up the brightest, tackiest display of Christmas lights? Here in Richmond, Virginia there are lots of houses just like that one! Some get national attention every year because they’re so extravagant. We love tacky lights here in RVA.

This time of year, “Tacky Light Tours” are all the rage! Generally, you have to rent a large bus or limo to take one – which requires either lots of people or lots of money. But what if you just want to grab a couple of friends to tour the best houses? That’s where UZURV can help. What a perfect opportunity for both riders and drivers!

Riders: Reserve a Tacky Light Tour

Want to check out the tacky lights in Richmond this holiday? Book a trip with a driver using the “Christmas Light Tour” amenity or contact your favorite driver and arrange a tour! We’ve been encouraging drivers across the country to offer them so even if you’re not in RVA, there’s a chance your favorite driver will offer one.

Here’s how it works:

  • In “Find Drivers”, search for your city using the Funnel Filter
  • Select your Amenity “Christmas Light Tour” before you apply the Filter.
  • Add drivers to your “Favorites.” The drivers you see are the drivers prepared to offer tours.  
  • Use the UZURV app to book a reservation and click “Favorite Drivers Only” button so that the drivers who are prepared for Light tours will be notified first. Don’t worry, if they aren’t available other drivers who are not in your “Favorites” will be notified after 15 minutes.
  • You will use the same location for your pick up and drop off. That’s okay!  It will look like a single dot on your reservation screen, but drivers will know that this means a round trip back to your house. 
  • Use the chat feature to tell your driver you’d like a Tacky Light Tour and ask them what they recommend.
  • When the Driver arrives to pick you up, use a TNC app such as Uber or Lyft to launch the ride.
  • Book Sedans for groups up to 4. Book Vans or SUVs for groups up to 6.
  • Price: approx. $30-40/hour depending on the route. Gratuity not included but encouraged.


Drivers: Offer Tacky Light Tours

Want to make some extra cash? Offer Tacky Light Tours! The UZURV app is the perfect way to book a tour and message back and forth with riders for details.

Drivers who want to promote Tacky Light Tours should add “Christmas Light Tours” amenity in their Driver Profile, put a sentence in their bio, and put flyers in their cars (make sure to put your UZURV driver code on the flyer).

*If you advertise on Social Media such as Facebook, you are allowed to share your UZURV code and the fact you offer Christmas Light tours. However, the DMV does not permit you to advertise your cell phone number or email address for riders to book directly, unless you have paid for a livery license and commercial policy (such as some Uber black drivers).

Stay tuned to the UZURV Driver Facebook page and UZURV for Drivers Facebook Group for details on our Tacky Light Tour driver competition.

Here’s a list of the most popular houses in Richmond.

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