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A common question that we answer at UZURV is the difference between a reservation and the ride itself. We understand the confusion and therefore we want to take this opportunity to clarify the difference and demonstrate UZURV’s value in the ride-share industry.

What is a reservation?

A reservation with UZURV allows you to take control of your on-demand rideshare experience. The app works in conjunction with Transportation Network Companies such as Uber or Lyft, not in replace of.

By creating a reservation, you are reserving the driver of your choice with the vehicle type that is necessary for your upcoming travel plans. Instead of hoping for a car with a WiFi hotspot, large trunk space, or other amenities, with UZURV you can now filter for specific features and select the driver that offers them.

Keep in mind, making a reservation is only the first step in this process – the second being launching the ride itself.

Let’s look at it this way. You have made dinner reservations at your favorite local restaurant using OpenTable. Once you have arrived, the reservation portion is complete. You can now enjoy your meal and dining experience at the table that you chose! UZURV is similar in this regard – you are now able to enjoy your on-demand rideshare experience with the driver of your choice, and at the time you need them most.

So I made my reservation, now what?

On reservation day, the driver you selected will arrive at the time and pick-up location that was specified in your UZURVation. Just like reserving your table at a restaurant, at this point the reservationprocess with UZURV is complete – and the ride begins!

Step Two: Launch TNC

To begin the trip, launch Uber or Lyft from your UZURV app. This will open the TNC of your choice. After entering your pickup and drop-off location, request your ride and Uber or Lyft will take it from there.

Please note – if you entered an Invitation Code for free reservations in the UZURV app, these credits are only applied to the service fee of the reservation. The ride itself must still be paid for through your Uber or Lyft account.

For further information, watch our step-by-step rider tutorial here. Happy reserving!

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