Ride with UZURV

Riding with UZURV

How it works

UZURV is a Transportation Network Company (TNC) that specializes in assisted mobility for anyone who would like additional help with their transportation. In addition, UZURV’s drivers are prepared to provide services better suited to meeting the transportation needs of older adults, people with disabilities and other people who prefer a level of assistance not available from traditional TNCs. We designed our transportation network to operate in full compliance with requirements of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and current industry best practices.

We have created this page to provide detailed information about what UZURV is and how it works so that you can decide if UZURV is right for you. If you do not wish to utilize UZURV, you can contact our rider support team or your local sponsoring transportation agency to “Opt Out” and be removed from our platform.

UZURV is an Adaptive TNC

UZURV is a Transportation Network Company, meaning that qualified individuals register as drivers on our platform in order to provide trips using their personal vehicles. Once enrolled, drivers are able to log into the UZURV platform and then provide trips offered by UZURV. As is the case with other TNCs, drivers are not employees. They are Independent Contractors who agree to meet UZURV’s rigorous credentialing requirements. Drivers are required to provide and maintain their own vehicles in accordance with UZURV standards and all applicable state, local or agency requirements. Drivers set their own hours, decide what trips to accept, and then provide those trips in accordance with all requirements established by UZURV and our clients.

Why UZURV is the Adaptive TNC

At UZURV, we call ourselves “The Adaptive TNC.” Adaptive means we are a TNC that is designed specifically to meet the needs of anyone who prefers additional assistance with transportation, or older adults, or people with disabilities or other transportation disadvantaged people.

Here’s how we have adapted the TNC model to meet the needs of customers who often use paratransit and other demand-response transportation services:

  • Before providing trips on the UZURV platform and at-least annually thereafter, drivers must pass national criminal and driving background checks.
  • Vehicles operated by UZURV drivers must meet or exceed all applicable federal, state and local maintenance and safety requirements that are applicable to vehicles operating on a TNC platform. Vehicles providing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) service must also meet all applicable ADA requirements.
  • Before driving on the UZURV platform and ongoing thereafter, drivers must meet all Federal Transit Administration substance abuse training and testing requirements for applicable programs.
  • Before driving on the UZURV platform, drivers must demonstrate completion of UZURV’s driver credentialing requirements. This covers company requirements, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Civil Rights Act requirements, and is designed to ensure that drivers possess the knowledge and skills required to provide you safe, courteous and professional transportation.

Areas covered by UZURV’s Driver Credentialing Program include:

  • Requirements of the ADA, the US Civil Rights Act and company policies barring discrimination based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability and other factors.
  • Review of other applicable state, local or agency regulations impacting driver eligibility or service delivery.
  • Appropriate techniques for assisting passengers with a variety of different types of disabilitie
  • Familiarization with ADA requirements and UZURV’s procedures for ensuring appropriate access for people traveling with service animals.
  • Procedures for securing mobility devices (wheelchair-accessible vehicle drivers only)
  • All vehicles operating on the UZURV platform, including wheelchair-accessible vehicles operated by third-party providers under contract with UZURV, must meet all applicable federal, state and local transportation laws and regulations.
  • Every trip is monitored by UZURV’s technology platform. The technology is designed to immediately alert UZURV staff any time a trip is late or when the vehicle appears to be off-course, thereby ensuring that service is safe and timely.
  • Customers are able to contact UZURV Operations or the local program directly by phone during all service hours.

How UZURV Service Works

UZURV provides transportation services to anyone who prefers additional assistance with transportation. We often partner with community programs, public transit agencies, paratransit providers, municipal governments, healthcare providers and other organizations that want safe, affordable, high-quality transportation for their customers and clients. When working with a partner organization, each organization sets their own service policies, including the areas where service is available, days and hours of service, trip booking procedures, fares, and the types of assistance you will be provided under their program. As a result, your service may have a slightly different look and feel, depending on what UZURV region you are located in and whether or not you are riding under a specific program. However, there are some basics about how UZURV works that are described below.

UZURV Service Types

UZURV offers two basic service types: Standard Service and Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Service. Check with UZURV’s rider support team or your local program provider or transportation agency to learn which UZURV options are available in your community.

Standard Service – for general rider use. Also available to riders who can safely board and ride in sedans or Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) using manual wheelchairs and walkers that can be stored in the vehicle’s trunk or cargo area and can safely transfer to the seat of the vehicle with minimal assistance. Please note: UZURV drivers are able to assist with the storage of your mobility devices upon request. Your service animals and personal care attendants are always welcome.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Service – if you use mobility devices that cannot be stored in a vehicle’s trunk or cargo area and you cannot safely transfer to the seat of a standard UZURV vehicle you can request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV). UZURV partners with local wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) providers who agree to meet all program requirements.

Please note: Availability of UZURV WAV service varies by location.

UZURV Vehicle Requirements

Every vehicle operating on the UZURV platform is required to meet all applicable federal, state and local requirements as well as any additional requirements established by any agency partner program for whom a vehicle is providing service. All wheelchair-accessible vehicles are also required to meet all applicable requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (49 CFR Part 38).

Please note: Although vehicles operating on the UZURV platform are required to meet all applicable federal, state, local and contractual requirements, they are provided by drivers who are not employees of UZURV and/or by third-party contractors.

As a result, you should be aware of the following:

  • UZURV vehicles vary by make, model, size and configuration.
  • With the exception of WAV service, UZURV cannot guarantee the make, model or configuration of the vehicle to which your trip will be assigned.

UZURV Driver Requirements

Before providing trips, UZURV and WAV provider drivers pass a nationwide background check, a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) compliant substance abuse test (for most of our programs where it is required), and demonstrate knowledge of appropriate techniques for transporting people with disabilities and older adults.

How Many Passengers can UZURV Accommodate?

Unless individual program rules differ, UZURV is able to accommodate you and up to two additional passengers, one of which may be a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). Presently, passengers are prohibited from sitting in the front seats of any vehicle.

Can UZURV Transport Children?

Unless prohibited by local rules, UZURV will transport children as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult who is at least eighteen years of age. UZURV operates in strict compliance with applicable state laws regarding the use of child safety seats, and you are responsible for providing and securing your own child safety seats and for correctly securing children within child safety seats. Drivers are not permitted to provide assistance with the use or securement of child safety seats.

Traveling with a Service Animal?

UZURV welcomes passengers with service animals and has a zero-tolerance policy for any driver who knowingly denies access to a customer traveling with a service animal. A service animal must be under the physical or verbal control of its handler at all times and must sit or lie on the floor of the vehicle at all times. For more information, check out “Respecting Riders with Service Animals” or contact your local sponsoring agency or the UZURV Customer Service Center.

Expectations for Riders

By accepting service from UZURV, you are agreeing to abide by the following rider conduct policies as well as any other policies and procedures established by the agency sponsoring your service. Furthermore, failure to abide by these policies may result in your loss of access to UZURV service.

Contact your partner program sponsoring agency or UZURV to cancel any trips you do not plan to take as soon as possible and no later than the deadline established for canceling unwanted trips – usually one or two hours before travel. UZURV reserves the right to limit your access to UZURV service if you repeatedly fail to take scheduled trips without adequate notice. For more information, see UZURV’s Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy.

  • Sit in the backseat of any sedan or back/middle row seats when riding in SUVs. UZURV policy prohibits riders from riding in the front seats of any vehicle.
  • Wear a seatbelt at all times. Your UZURV driver is capable of providing needed assistance with seatbelts upon request.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking while on board the vehicle.
  • When listening to music or other audio content on a mobile phone or other audio device, use earphones or earbuds.
  • Do not smoke at any time when boarding or riding a UZURV vehicle.
  • Do not consume alcohol, tobacco or any legal or illegal controlled substances.
  • Unless allowed by state or local law and sponsoring agency policy, weapons and flammable materials are prohibited on UZURV vehicles.
  • UZURV does not allow the use of physical violence, profanity, intimidation, and/or harassment of other passengers, UZURV drivers and other employees.
  • No solicitation of driver to perform services off of the UZURV application

How to comment on service

You may email UZURV rider support for assistance. If you are riding with UZURV through a local transit agency or other partner, you may always reach out to the agency with any questions or concerns directly.