Share the Love with February Promotions!

 In For Drivers

This February, customize your UZURV headrest covers with this Valentine’s Day themed promotional insert! Emphasize the personalized service that you offer to each rider that you drive. Catch the attention of passengers and spark up conversation about how to refer them to UZURV with your Driver Code below. Whether they are planning a romantic dinner for two, or hitting the town to celebrate their singleness, offering a premium level service at Uber or Lyft prices will warm the hearts of anyone you drive!

We will also be running a new Rider Referral promotion for the month of February! Sharing the love of UZURV to riders may include a sweet treat for you, too. Beginning 2/1, share your code to be eligible to win the following:

10 UZURV Rider Referrals = UZURV Polo Shirt
25 UZURV Rider Referrals = UZURV Polo Shirt + $25 Gas Giftcard
50 UZURV Rider Referrals = UZURV Polo Shirt + $25 Gas Giftcard + Amazon Fire Tablet 7’’

Remember, UZURV is a tool to enhance your on-demand rideshare business with Uber and Lyft. The more riders that you sign up in your market, the stronger your business can be! Take it from Harrison Jones, who has seen incredible growth and development in his business over time.

If you are still in need of UZURV decals for your vehicle, headrest covers, free reservation cards, rack cards, and an instructional booklet – we will be distributing them FREE of charge! Click here to fill out the information necessary to receive these marketing materials to customize your vehicle and promote your business.


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