Tips for Improving Your Driver Profile

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An important feature of the UZURV app is the ability for a rider to select the driver of their choice. Having a strong profile to present to riders can be the difference between getting selected for reservations – or missing out on the opportunity to be chosen. Here are three factors that make a good driver profile.

Look Like a Pro

First impressions are key when expressing interest in a reservation! Riders are looking for dependable, timely and professional drivers. Allow your profile picture to say those things about you. Put your best foot forward by looking your finest, with a clean and clear image that shows who you are. Keep in mind lighting, quality and placement to ensure the rider can see you, your personality and your smile!

Take your profile to the next level with an attractive picture of your vehicle. Including a full-length image of your vehicle is a great way to show passengers what you offer! Stock photos, busy images or close-ups are sometimes difficult to see, so snapping a professional image of your clean and well-maintained vehicle can make all the difference.

Sound Like a Pro

Take the time to draft a brief, yet informational bio for riders to read that tells them a little bit about who you are, and the service you provide. Include background on your driving experience and Uber & Lyft ratings to show riders why they should select you! Keep the information professional and proficient.

Act Like a Pro

Once you have been selected for a reservation, use the chat feature to communicate details about the trip. Be timely and if possible, arrive early! Cancelling last-minute on a reservation is a quick and easy way to show riders you are unreliable. Avoid this at all cost!

Verify the pick-up and drop-off locations, assist with any luggage or bags that your passenger may bring. Do your best to implement the 3 P’s: polite, pleasant and professional.

We hope these tips have been helpful! Put them to use and watch your selection rates increase. For additional information, assistance or questions – please email
Happy driving!
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